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Hydrocoll is a sterile, self adhesive absorbent hydrocolloid wound dressing consisting of a wound contact layer of carboxymethyl cellulose particles contained within an adhesive polymer matrix. The outer layer is a semi permeable, bacteria and waterproof polyurethane film.

On contact with the wound, Hydrocoll takes up wound exudate creating a gel. This gel provides an environment suitable for autolytic debridement, protection of granulation tissue and management of wounds of various aetiologies. Excess exudate is trapped in the upper part of the dressing and forms a blister visible on the outer layer.

Hydrocoll is flexible and conformable with high capacity absorbency. It absorbs and retains exudate, while maintaining an adequate moisture balance. Hydrocoll features bevelled edges for secure adhesion to the surrounding skin. Its low profile resists roll off.

The frequency of dressing change will depend on the wound. Hydrocoll should be removed when there is visible discolouration of the dressing and blister formation is about the size of the wound, but can remain on the wound for 4-5 days.


  • Wounds with high exudate
  • Infected wounds
  • Not for use over bone or tendon
  • Full thickness burns

Product Details - Hydrocoll

Size Unit Code Units per case
5 x 5cm 10pcs 900740 20
7.5 x 7.5cm 10pcs 900742 20
10 x 10cm 10pcs 900744 20
15 x 15cm 10pcs 900936 16
20 x 20cm 10pcs 900937 16

Product Details - Hydrocoll Thin

 Size  Unit  Code  Unit per case
 5 x 25cm  12pcs  900754  5
 7.5 x 7.5cm  10pcs  900757  20
 10 x 10cm  10pcs  900758  20
 15 x 15cm  10pcs  900934  16

Product Details - Hydrocoll Sacral

Size  Unit Code Unit per case
12 x 18cm  5pcs  900755 16

Product Details - Hydrocoll Concave

 Size  Unit  Code  Unit per case 
 8 x 12cm      10pcs  900756  20