HARTMANN in Australia


Hydrotul is a hydroactive, non-occlusive tulle dressing, impregnated with a non-medicated triglyceride ointment, which contains carboxy-methol cellulose (CMC) for moist wound healing.

When in contact with wound exudate, the hydrocolloid particles embedded in the ointment mass absorb and store wound moisture forming a gel at the wound surface. This gel provides an optimal moist environment for managing acute and chronic wounds.

Hydrotul is indicated for wounds in the granulation and epithelialisation phases of wound healing, which require a moist wound environment.

The dressing can be left on the wound for several days and may be covered with a secondary dressing such as Zetuvit or PermaFoam to absorb wound exudate.

Product Details

Size   Unit Code  Units per case 
 5 x 5cm  10pcs  499581  12
10 x 12cm   10pcs  499583  12
 10 x 12cm  60pcs  499585  1
 15 x 20cm  10pcs  499584  6